Sunuv One Uv/Led Curing Lamp New!!!

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New generation powerful Universal UV/LED Curing Lamp which emits dual optical wavelength ranging 365nm+405nm and cures most types of current gel products.


– Ergonomic and compact lamp design for correct hand placement that ensures proper simultaneous 5 nails cure.

– 30 LEDs positioned perfectly inside the lamp to avoid “blind” curing spots.

– 10/30/60 seconds preset timer.

– Low Heat curing mode with reduced power to ensure minimal heat spikes for sensitive clients.

– Vent holes for heat dissipation to prevent overheating.

– Removable stainless steel bottom tray for convenient pedicure services and easy cleaning and disinfection.

– 5000 hours LED lifespan.

РMade in Taiwan by the original manufacturer – Shenzhen UV/LED Optical Technologies Pty Ltd.

– 1 year warranty.


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