Evaluating a starter kit

When one is investigating nail training academies, don’t buy on price alone. There is a reason why some training courses are so cheap. Before you do a price comparison, ask for the kit contents in writing. It is suggested that you look for academies that provide you with a complete nail technology kit – one that contains salon-size products. You should be supplied with a kit that has enough technical products for you to complete you training, your portfolio of evidence and even start working on paying clients. Some nail training academies supply training kid with product samples. Initially the course looks good value for money; however, you get caught on the back end when you quickly run out of product. If they cut corners on the kit, it is usually guaranteed that they will cut corners on their training.

We at Nelé Naturalé will help you make informed decisions when choosing us as your beginners training partner or re-skilling you in our ever so popular conversion training course..